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Feel the energy of creativity fill the air, sparking your imagination and awakening your senses. Nia's authentic artistry awaits, offering a space to explore, to create, and to simply be.

Come as you are, and let Nia Banks' art guide you on a journey of self-discovery and boundless creativity.

where possibilities are limitless.

Collaborative Artistry at Work

investment starts at $5000

Boring Spaces

Up to a 12 Week Timeline

Work Closely With Nia 

A Piece Tailored to Your Vision

Commissioning a custom artwork with Nia means bringing your vision to life through collaborative creation. Whether it's a portrait, landscape, or abstract piece, Nia's unique style ensures your artwork mirrors your personality and taste.

Commissioned Artwork

commissions are open through the summer

Carefully Packaged and Delivered

investment starts at $2997

Feeling Stuck

1:1 Intensives With Nia

Collaborative Mastermind Sessions

Explore New Techniques and Ideas

Tailored Advice for Refining Artistic Skills

Through one-on-one sessions, Nia provides constructive feedback, practical advice, and encouragement to help you grow as an artist and achieve your artistic goals.

1:1 Artist Mentorship

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In Nia Banks' Artists Collective, you'll find a supportive space to share ideas, showcase your work, and connect with fellow creatives from around the world. 


the Artist's Collective

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